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Based on over 25 years of guiding practices to a greater understanding in their financial organization and business flow, Susan Gunn brings a voice of wisdom to the confusion. She is known for being energetic, laughs a lot, and a gives honest, sometimes direct, but always practical advice.

Apr 11, 2020

The average business owner's brain these past few weeks has been working overtime trying to figure out what they need to do. In healthcare (dentists, veterinarians, chiropractors, and medical practices), that list has multiplied. Unlike others in that list, most dental practices have been mandated to close during this COVID-19 crisis. 

Hear some up-to-date information regarding unemployment, PPP and EIDL in regard to a few observations.

And, do you need something to focus on? This week's guest, Janice Janssen of Global Team Solutions and I talk about office protocols to review and give you four things you can consider homework until the next episode of Money In, Money Out.

Then listen to the end for an amazing offer for two of Susan's books, Getting The Most Out Of QuickBooks In Your Practice 2020 and Money In, Money Out .    


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