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Based on over 25 years of guiding practices to a greater understanding in their financial organization and business flow, Susan Gunn brings a voice of wisdom to the confusion. She is known for being energetic, laughs a lot, and a gives honest, sometimes direct, but always practical advice.

Jan 4, 2021

Opening the new year, Susan is joined with podcast guest Katherine Eitel Belt to talk about being a leader in the midst of all the unknowns of 2021! How do we best apply the leadership lessons learned in 2020 to lead into 2021?


Episode Highlights

  • The Lioness Principle
  • Vision Alignment Conversation
  • Transparency with Your Team
  • Purpose of Vision and Values


"Some dentists have been blindsided into leadership roles they were not prepared for, but needed to fill."

"Words are SO important in communicating clearly."

“Encouragement is a lost word - to pull another person out to be the very best person they can be.”

“The Lioness Principle is about how we help people discover that they can be and do more, rather than just give them the answers”

“People can’t read your mind. People don’t know what we are about and where we are going and what we are shooting for, trying to build, unless we lay it out for them so clearly and so inspirationally that they want to follow. That they are inspired to follow.”

"What we give people through this is an invitation. We aren’t demanding anything. We are inviting them into the future as we see it." 

“Great leaders have to communicate two things: clarity and inspiration. One without the other is an incomplete communication.”

"Authenticity and transparency in a leader is sexy, not weak!”

"It is in battle where leaders are born."


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