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Based on over 25 years of guiding practices to a greater understanding in their financial organization and business flow, Susan Gunn brings a voice of wisdom to the confusion. She is known for being energetic, laughs a lot, and a gives honest, sometimes direct, but always practical advice.

Mar 29, 2021

In the news several years ago was an embezzler who faked cancer to try and get out of her prosecution. Janice and Susan could not believe those headlines then. With the continued like cases of this sort worldwide, they decided it would make for an intriguing podcast. They will not disappoint!

This week on Money In Money Out, Susan Gunn is joined by Janice Janssen for another episode of In The Embezzlement News! These embezzlement scandals highlight those that faked cancer for gain from those who would open their hearts, and their bank accounts. 

Episode Highlights

  • Motives
  • Indictments 
  • Fraud has no borders


“She didn’t spell the name of the cancer doctor correctly on the fake medical bills - that’s a little give away.” 

“Not only did she fake this Cancer but she did it against the Federal Government. Don’t mess with Big Daddy.” 

“Think of the mockery she has made of something as precious as life itself.” 

“Fraud knows no country alone - we do not own fraud in the United States. Fraud is played out everywhere.”

“Just like the rest of embezzlement headline cases, they only get away with it for a short period of time.”

“She didn’t go ‘oh I forgot. I stole money, let me report that income to the IRS and pay taxes on that.”

“Not only are they doing this to strangers, they are stealing from friends and family. Unbelievable.” 

“I had a 4-5x repeat offender that just hopped states and towns to continue embezzling.”

“The fall out from embezzlement is not what the embezzler is thinking of when they are embezzling. They are simply thinking of what they want.” 

“Trust but verify.”  “When you tell the truth, it is easier to remember!”

“Embezzlers love chaos because it screens their activities. If you are a practice owner, you need to be aware of your practice’s finances.” 

“Fear of the unknown is a great fertilizer for embezzlement.”

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