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Based on over 25 years of guiding practices to a greater understanding in their financial organization and business flow, Susan Gunn brings a voice of wisdom to the confusion. She is known for being energetic, laughs a lot, and a gives honest, sometimes direct, but always practical advice.

Oct 11, 2021

In The Embezzlement News with Janice Janssen 

Everyone is a target for a well run scam. These scams are delivered to our unfiltered ears via in person, telephone, email and snail mail - any form of communication. 

Everyone is a target and when it works, it compels the fraudster to keep trying. These schemes have not died and are a growing threat to everyone, which is why this podcast is important for you to share with everyone.

Episode Highlights

  • ⅓ Americans are victims 
  • Janice’s Personal Story of Fraud
  • Internet Fraud
  • Relationship Fraud
  • Loan Scams
  • Credit Cards
  • Tips for Protecting Yourself 



“Telephone scams do tend to be the most effective for the scammers getting what they want.” 


“59.4 Million Americans have lost 29.8 BILLION DOLLARS to scam artists from March 2020 to February 2021.”


“It sounds like a really good deal, so they go into something they don’t know.” 


“If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”


“Never use a debit card in a public place.” 


“Just assume everyone doesn’t know. Talk about it this with your friends and your family.” 


“A refresher about the internet: if you put it out there, it is permanent, and it can be found. Whatever post you make, it’s permanent.” 


“Government agencies will not call to confirm your personal information...period.” 


Links & Resources 

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